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23 April 2005


Kim Gage

Amanda -

I too know Chloe and her Mom. Thank you for writing this speech and expressing your sentiments so deeply. It would be my privilege to donate to the Lance Armstrong Foundation on your and their behalf. Consider it done.


The 'cheese toastie' family came into my life in 1998 & even though they tried to avoid having an Aussie's bad influence on their little Chloester, she was stuck with me in Preschool & Kindie. Though she only picked up a few Aussie habits from me, I am forever touched by Chloe & her family, their strength, their determination, their love of life. The Lance Armstrong Foundation will assist families like Chloe's, preserve their love of life.


I just found your blog while researching how to crtaee a button and came across your sons story. I just wanted to share that my brother was diagnosed with ALL when he was 18 months old. He also went through many medical treatments such as chemo, radiaiton and marrow transplants but he is a healthy 30 year old man today! I will be praying for your son and your family during this trying time!


havent got all the way though toayds Daily Dimmick video as it keeps making me cry about 10 seconds in. I think the worst thing of all when Mum was told she was going to die but they'd have a go (5% survival rate from her bowel cancer but we Ukranian girls are made of tough stuff so of course she survived!) and through the surgeries and treatment was convincing Mum that she WOULD live and not to t ake her own life (i intercepted a couple of attempts and talked her out of a couple more) while the thoughts in my head were saying shes going to die you know no matter what you say and do this is futile let her go .. but please dont die. please dont die . She didnt and continues to annoy, love and appreciate me all in one to this day xxxx


If it is not pre-existing (You will get tested for nraely everything) they will pay for any treatment you need. If you lie on any medical forms, they are going to discharge you for lying and enlisting under false pretenses. Just be honest and while it is good for you to think about your future, I am going to recommend a quote to you .carpe diem. Sieze the day, don't focus as much on the what-if's in life. I wish you and your mom the best.

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