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18 April 2007



Plus, the guy made bomb threats the week before...so distinguishing between the two doesn't make that much sense.

GZ Expat

Madrid Train Bombings...
London Tube Bombings...
World Trade Center...
Nairobi Embassy Bombings...
Beruit Embassy Bombings...
Lockerbie Bombing...

Need we go on? Bomb 'threats' are often times acted upon...hundreds have died as a result.


I'm hoping I didn't make u huge mskatie movin to Rochester, the first day of unpacking my friendly neighbor comes over and precedes to tell me all the mess that Rochester is, being new to the state I was shocked of all problems, council, school board, baseball???? how could baseball be corrupt my neighbor seeing I had three boys said to stay away from the organization, the lady who runs it is nothing but a thief and is two seconds away from Hitler and her husband doesn't ever work and their kid is suspended from school every week she went on about how Hitler isnt aloud around money at PTA functions and got kicked off the football organization what is wrong with people that they have to steal from children organizations I guess my boys won't be playing any Rochester sports : (Well-loved.


Last Monday there was a bomb threat,the dogs were bghurot in all precautions followed. Then that afternoon another threat found in the bathroom. It was for the following day, Friday, and then again this Friday Where were the dogs and protection on Tuesday, and Friday?? Is it costing too much to protect our kids? School board can spend 8 million on renovating the pis poor excuse for a school, but won't pay to protect these kids. Pathetic!!! A BOMB THREAT IS A BOMB THREAT, YOU IDIOTS CANNOT PICK AND CHOOSE WHICH DAYS YOU PROTECT OUR KIDS. Get your heads out of your asses!Well-loved.


Terry - Hi Laurie! Thanks for sharing the link to your blog Sounds (and looks) like it a was a wodfurnel vacation. Your photos are always amazing! Roy & I spent our honeymoon canoeing around the Florida springs a beautiful area! But even then (28 years ago), I remember the same feeling you described of being jolted by the sudden appearance of manicured lawns & McMansions. I can't remember which river it was on, but one day we paddled by an alligator that was about 10 feet long, and Roy was absolutely convincecd it was a prop put there by the paddle company (like Disneyland). However, growing up in Hilton Head and quite familiar with gators, I knew it was the real thing. We paddled quietly by and the alligator never even twitched. He was probably used to paddlers floating by every few minutes.Roy is coming to Florida for a weekend in November to jury an art festival organized by alumna Jenni MacInnes Coolidge (Mus. of Florida Art). Initially I was planning to come with him and make a mini vacation out of it, but about a week later, Roy was invited to be a visiting artist in Hawaii for a week, so I decided to make it a BIG vacation and go there instead! We've never been to HI so we're really looking forward to it.All my best to you! Keep up the good work!TerryJuly 11, 2011 10:42 am

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