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27 April 2007



Thanks for stopping by and the kind words Merrill. It took me a while but I did find the Official rdoercs for the Salem Lutheran Cemetery. To say the best, it was a mess. I did finally sort it all out and entered all the names that were in the rdoercs into my data base which I am sure you have seen on this site. I just checked and there is no Daniel Price. That doesn't mean that he isn't buried there, but there are no rdoercs of it. I can't give you the name of the person with the rdoercs because I'm sure you won't get a response from him. He isn't a computer person and not even the person that is supposed to have the rdoercs. It is a mess to say the least.If I remember correctly, and I'm not sure I do, in the oldest part of the cemetery they aren't even sure where the graves are so they don't bury anyone there. I'm not sure about that though. Originally there was a church at the front of the area and but it is long gone.Yes, a number of the stones are just piled up. They were just thrown every which way between two trees. My wife and I took them all out of the pile, cleaned them, took photos and then piled them back neatly rather than in a heap.I'm sorry I can't be of more help.Thanks again for stopping by.Bob Jones


Karen, it's been fantastic wachting you connect up with so many of the wonderful people here and then start to comment on (and maybe even guest post for ?) their blogs. Makes me smile, broadly.The Twitter dimension is an important one certainly for community, probably for comments too. Hmm.. I think that deserves some thought and another post.Thanks for all your good wishes Karen today but more than that for the quality of the comments you leave me just about every day. You have given me a lot of powerful, motivating feedback for which I'm extremely grateful.Joanna

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