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08 January 2009


GZ Tai-Tai

good girl!

Love you


Let's go to France.


I say yes to that! We will have to plan on it.


Wait, where are you originally from? Hawaii, or Oregon? haha, can't figure this out.


Born in Portland. Grew up in China. Lived in Hawaii for 2 years. Back in Portland.

Barry - acigarsmoker.com

I am so jealous of how free flowing your entries are you really captivate your readers well especially me.


Hi Sue,Thank you for posting this infoamrtion. I fell in love with Rice Sticks at a Chinese restaurant in Cambridge MA in th 1980s. I could almost never find them again until I moved to Oakland CA and went to Korean restaurants several times, until I found the dumpling soup with rice cake.In any event, I just made my first rice cake stir fry 30 minutes ago. I used dry Egret Brand White Rice Cake, which I soaked for 10 hours in cold water and then boiled for 1 minute and stirfried for 1 minute. The came out great!!! First rice cake stir fry I have had since 1986! I know the fresh is supposed to be better, and I think I can get that in Oakland, but the dry was available at the Chinese grocery store. It took me several trips to find it. I finally went with a friend who speaks Madarin. When the clerk understood that I wanted Korean Style Rice Stick she found the bag immediately and I paid .99 and just used 1/2 bag for a great meal. Thanks again for your infoamrtion. I stir-fried my cakes with a little salmon, dried black mushrooms that I put in the boiling water, fresh ginger, fresh shallots, green onions, and soy sauce .they were great.


Hi Sue,I had recently made shi-ru dduk in the oven based on a rcpeie from Wikicookbooks.com. It turned out decently, but little too salty. Now, I can't find it.Do you know of any rcpeies that produces dduk without a steamer?. Basically, the rcpeie I used before had me layter a 13X9 in pan with ground, cooked Pat, pour a very watery sweet rice batter, then top with more ground pat. I sealed it with aluminum foil and baked. I can't remember what ratios of ingredients to use and what time and temperature I needed to get the right consistency.Appreciate your help.Linda

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