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14 February 2009


Barry - acigarsmoker.com

wow, my heart breaks.. I hope you find that someone special, you deserve it. Next year valentine's day will be better. I promise.


sounds like a pretty awesome valentine's to me--why wait to have it better? the rest of the world was crammed into overcrowded restaurants dealing with surly waitstaff and burned by the weight of their own expectations. i'm sure you had a great deal more fun than those people.

Venomous Kate

Honestly, it sounds like an awesome Valentine's Day to me, too.

The Venomous Hubby and I aren't sentimentalists. We aren't suckers for fabricated holidays, either. When we first met I gave him a card and he gave me one, and we agreed that the only other thing we'd be buying each other that night was rounds of drinks.

Here it is, almost a dozen years later, and on Valentine's Day we still exchange those cards. Yes, the exact SAME cards. We chuckle, pour each other a drink, then shove the cards back into my desk drawer until next year.

And speaking of next year... I think I'll ask him to make mine a Brandy Alexander now. Thanks!

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I cannot speak higlhy enough of Stacee and how wonderful she is!! As you can tell from these photos, she is extremely talented and takes beautiful photographs. Having your picture taken is a very awkward thing, but Stacee made it fun and comfortable for us. It was a little mini adventure, walking all over the little city I grew up in; exploring places I didn't know existed! Needless to say, we had an amazing time.Stacee, you are fabulous! Winning this contest has been an answer to prayer and we are so thankful to you and everyone who made it possible. God works in wonderful ways, and it has been a blessing to get to know you. I will be praying for you and your dream of becoming a full time photographer, I know you can do it <3Much love,RachelP.S. We WILL hang out again!


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