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24 June 2009


GZ Tai-Tai

Time is quickly passing so won't be long now! It will go quickly for me as we are hosting a farewell party for several people. I am catering it of course so I will be menu planning and shopping. Today is beverage shopping and then next week I will be in final stages of menu planning and shopping. Thursday prep and friday is busy with School ceremony, a lunch and then cooking and party!

We miss you loads and are very excited to see you soon!



wow seems like I haven't been on here in forever, looks to me like you too! *laugh*


Gerri,Your Tai Chi Animal Frolics DVD is lovely. I enjoy the calm music (without loud aianml noises) as too many students are easily overstimulated. Over the past year I have been using some of Tricia Yu’s principles of Tai Chi Fundamentals, and I have found that they are very calming for children with limited attention or increased stress. I have modified TCF to use successfully for children while seated at their desks, seated on the floor, seated in their wheelchair, or positioned in a stander. Students and I often rename the moves and cues to make them very simple for children as young as 3. They can mirror my movements as I stand right in front of them or they can participate with other friends in a small group setting; some may use only arm/trunk movements, yet still feel connected to the group. I will now use some of your aianml frolic ideas and modify them as I work with students of all abilities. I may try to use part or all of your 2-minute sequence form (Youth Guided Practice with Tai Chi Kids) as a portion of my case study for a young student in one of my doctoral classes. I will keep you posted.I like so many of the principles in using tai chi. Consistency, discipline, slow movement these strategies do help even the youngest learners engage the mind in the present moment.Thank you for your beautiful CD; it is a great addition in making Tai Chi Fundamentals accessible to more people, especially children with disabilities. Thank you,Nancy Lindgren, Pediatric Physical TherapistWisconsin


Oh yum! Thank you for the recipe. I adore curry. Also thank you for inirsping me to get on with yoga. I'm not nearly as advanced as you, but want to have it a daily part of my life as well. I just saw this, and thought of you check it out amazing! (I'm not sure if I sent the link correctly, if not Google just as below.)Break ton Neck from Alex Yde on Vimeo.

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